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        Fundraising is essential for many local and national youth groups and other not-for-profit organizations.  The Kings Park Soccer Club relies on the voluntary work of their members to ensure they keep going, along with the generosity of supporters to help fund their vision for this club.

        Different organizations have different fundraising needs and goals, such as covering expenditure to carry out their program or working towards specific projects they are running. The Kings Park Soccer Club depends on fundraising for many different reasons. All fundraising efforts benefit the overall program in a positive fashion. These funds are used for everything from keeping registration and training costs down to capital improvements to our facilities such as the paying of roadway around Tiffany Filed. There are many exciting projects the Kings Park Soccer Club hope to complete in the future. Here we have outlined some of programs we have in place to help raise money for the club. 
     We must remember that fundraising is essential, but sometimes needs a bit of “thinking outside the box” to generate the desired results. We are always looking for idea's and volunteer's to help make the Kings Park Soccer Club a successful place for all our children. Most of all, thank you for your support for our program.

Fundraising opportunities
Website Sponsorship Program:
     Details to follow
Advertising Program for Tournament Journal Ads:
     The biggest fundraiser the club currently runs is the our Summer and Winter tournaments. These events offer us the ability to generate funds for the club in various ways. We also offer a generous advertising program for each club team based on a sales incentive for journal ads.
      Here are the details for the program
Journal ad sales equaling $800.00 gets the tournament entry fee waived.
Journal ad sales between $800.00 - $1200.00 gets that team 50% of those sales.
Journal Ads sales above $1200.00 get that team 100% of those sales.
(This program allows team to generate unlimited revenue to help off set team costs.)

Weekly Concession Stand:
     Each weekend throughout the Spring and Fall seasons we offer the chance for a club team to run the concession stand down at Tiffany Field. This offers the team the chance to raise team funds as well as club funds.

Team Baskets - Raffles - chances:
     During the season we will ask our membership to contribute towards team baskets and raffles as a source of fundraising events. This allows the club to continue with it's fundraising efforts to help secure a brighter future for the club.

If you are interested in information or helping with any of these programs you can contact